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Capital for Colleagues is investing in growing businesses. We usually inject between £100,000 and £1m into companies on a long-term basis. Unlike venture capital or bank lending, ours is ‘patient capital’ designed to support long-term growth.

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£75m available annually

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20% or more available for employees

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10.5% higher on average


4.5% higher on average

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Answer 10 questions for your investment probability score


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    It was time to stand on our own two feet

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Its good to ask questions

  • What is funding available for? Business growth and succession planning
  • Who is funding available for? Any private company that exceeds our minimum investment score
  • What is the application process and timescales? You can apply today, meet next week & secure investment in 3 months
  • Who is Capital for Colleagues? A Listed Company, invested in over 20 companies, capital available now
  • What are the costs? There’s no fee for applying and our cost of capital is open, fair and competitive

Ask now

Peter Matthews, one of our directors, will take your call or answer your email

Some things we believe in

Capital for Colleagues was born from our passion and belief in the importance of employee engagement to business performance. We’re not seeking to build a financial empire, follow in the footsteps of venture capitalists or make a quick killing at the expense of others. Instead we will work with a select number of like-minded business people to achieve growth that rewards those involved in a fair, equitable and inspiring way. It’s a fantastically successful alternative to tradition - something we would love to tell you more about.